Standard Faculty Provisions

Standard New Faculty Start-up Packages


The SPH, or departments within the school, shall make a start-up package available for new tenure track assistant professors who are administratively located in the School of Public Health.  Start-up packages will be contingent upon the availability of funds in the school or appropriate department.  To the extent possible, the availability of funds for start-up packages will be determined each fall prior to the initiation of faculty searches.

Start-up funds may be used to support professionally-related activities.  Examples of appropriate expenditures include initiation of a research agenda (e.g. purchase of a dataset, analysis work on dissertation data), preparation for course work (e.g. purchase of books), or continued professional development (e.g. conference attendance, attendance at workshops or short courses). 

Start-up funds are not intended to replace normal start-up packages currently available (e.g. moving allocation, a desktop computer, office furniture, and $1,500 in annual travel allocations).  A total of $4,000 per year for two years will be made available to new hires.  In the case of joint appointments with other departments not in the School of Public Health, SPH will request that the other department pay a proportional share (based on proportion of time in the other department).  Unexpended dollars for individual faculty members from start-up packages may be carried over from year to year.


See procedures and required forms for Expenditures of Salary Savings Funds Policy for using start-up funds as a new faculty member.

Standard Office Equipment & Operating Expenses Provided by SPH to Principal Faculty


All SPH principal faculty will have provided for them the following items:

    1. Desk and computer workstation

    2. Desk chair

    3. Guest chair (up to 2)

    4. Computer with standard software and hardware (up to a $3000 value)

    5. File cabinets (up to 2)

    6. Bookcase

    7. Laser printer

    8. Printer stand

    9. Standard desk accessories and telephone


Any office furniture or equipment beyond these standard items may be purchased through salary savings dollars (within the limits and regulations of the use of such funds) or through negotiation with the department head and approval of the Dean (refer to Expenditures of Salary Savings Funds Policy).

Computer software to be included have been broken into two categories – base and faculty.  The base package includes software that should be available on all PCs within the School of Public Health.  The faculty package includes the base package plus two additional options. 


Base Package

Microsoft Windows 7

    1. Microsoft Office Professional
    2. Word
    3. Excel
    4. PowerPoint
    5. Access
    6. Publisher
    7. Outlook
    8. Acrobat Reader
    9. Norton Anti-Virus

Faculty Package

1. Analytical Software (one of the following)

a)     SAS

b)     SPSS

c)     Stata


2. Bibliographic Software (one of the following)

a)     EndNotes

b)     ProCite


These recommendations also apply to software license renewals.

The School will also cover normal operational costs, such as routine mailing expenses (including overnight mailing services when warranted) and telephone charges (i.e., items typically covered under indirect cost recovery).  However, faculty need to be prudent in their operational expenditures due to the budgetary limitations of the School.  At a minimum, department heads will be provided quarterly reports of operational expenditures of departmental members.  Department heads will be notified individually in the case of excessive operational expenditures within their particular department.


    1. All office furniture, standard desk accessories and supplies, and computer equipment must be ordered by personnel within the SPH Office of Business Affairs.  Faculty members within the School should contact the Office of Business Affairs for assistance in securing items covered under this policy. 

    2. Monthly statements will be provided to all faculty members detailing long distance telephone charges.  The statement is to be reviewed by the faculty member and signed verifying that all long distance calls were School-related or professional business.  The signed statement should be returned within 48 hours of receipt. 


*This includes instructional and statistical software as identified by the ad hoc research committee and recommended to the Dean for approval.