Payroll Approval Process


Principal Investigators and/or their authorized delegates are required to review and approve of all research project payroll approval reports on a monthly basis via the Research Foundation’s Electronic Payroll Certification System (EPCS) for grants administered through the Research Foundation and semi-annually for projects administered through the Texas A&M HSC.   



Authorized Delegate:  A Principal Investigator may delegate approval authority to a delegate via completion of the delegation of authority form available at the Research Foundation website. 



    1. Payroll verification notices are sent by the Research Foundation to the Principal Investigator and authorized delegates on a monthly basis via the electronic payroll verification system.  Texas A&M HSC provides the payroll reports semi-annually in paper format.  It is the Principal Investigator’s responsibility and/or authorized delegate to review and approve of the payroll reports as soon as possible and denote any edits or corrections.

    2. For projects administered through the Research Foundation, the Principal Investigator and/or delegate approve the reports electronically via the Research Foundation EPCS system.  For projects administered through Texas A&M HSC, the signed approval reports are submitted to Texas A&M HSC VPRs office semi-annually. 

    3. Corrections.  In the event a payroll approval report is incorrect, the Principal Investigator or authorized delegate shall indicate the requested change in the payroll verification system comments section (if through the Research Foundation) or the payroll approval form (if through Texas A&M HSC).  In the event of a payroll change or correction, the PI or delegate submits the request electronically to the SPH Business Office to initiate the requested corrections.  The SPH Business Office works with the Research Foundation and Texas A&M HSC payroll to coordinate the changes/corrections in a timely fashion.

      The Principal Investigator and/or authorized delegate are only allowed to make changes to their project accounts.  Corrections involving multiple project accounts outside of the auspice of the Principal Investigator require advance approval from the additional projects’ responsible Principal Investigator.

      The TAMRF and/or Texas A&M HSC Research Administrator will review the transfer request for allowability on the referenced projects and notify the Principal Investigator or authorized delegate and SPH Business Office if the requested change cannot be completed.

    4. The Principal Investigator and/or authorized delegate are required to maintain a copy of the signed approval forms in their work area.