Faculty Resources

Faculty Office Hours

SPH Policy:

The SPH recognizes that faculty regularly work schedules outside of normal duty hours due to teaching, research, and service responsibilities.  However, all full-time faculty are expected to inform SPH when they anticipate being out of the office during regular business hours (including during the summer months for all faculty on 12-month appointments).  Faculty members providing instruction to SPH students are expected to post and hold regularly scheduled office hours for the purpose of student consultation.  Faculty members should schedule a minimum of 3 hours/week as office hours.  Adjunct or joint appointed faculty members must provide students the opportunity to meet with them outside of regularly scheduled class sessions as well.  Any alterations to the specified hours should be posted in writing on the faculty member’s door and provided to the appropriate administrative assistants.

Faculty Academic Workload

Faculty are expected to function in the areas below as assigned by each component:  

  • Scholarly Activity
  • Educational Activity
  • Evaluation of Teaching Loads
  • Teaching Load Standards
  • Institutional Service
  • Professional Service

For a list of rules related to faculty and staff please visit the Academic Workload Regulations page on the Texas A&M website: