Faculty Affairs

Most policies and procedures regarding the appointment of faculty members to SPH are mandated by Texas A&M HSC policy.

Faculty and Instructor Search & Appointment 

Here you can find policies on joint and adjunct faculty appointments (with no financial commitment on the part of SPH).

The policy on faculty appointments and recruitment can be found at the  Promotion and Tenure Guideline page on the Texas A&M website.


    1. Departmental principal faculty members will be charged by the Department Head with reviewing the applicant’s curriculum vitae and making a recommendation to the Department Head regarding their degree of support for the request. 

    2. The Department Head will then be expected to likewise review the applicant’s curriculum vitae and forward his/her recommendation to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.  The recommendation forwarded by the department head should include (1) an indication of the level of support (including the votes in support of vs. not in support of the applicant), (2) level of support for the appointment by the department head, and (3) a recommendation for appropriate rank.

    3. In the event the departmental faculty disagree with the Head’s recommendation, they may submit a separate statement submitted directly to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

    4. A written request for consideration for a joint or adjunct appointment, including a copy of the individual’s curriculum vitae, is submitted to the Department Head.  An Appointment Request form is to be submitted along with a complete packet to the Office of Academic Affairs.  All faculty must submit a copy of their terminal degree transcript.

    5. Faculty at the rank of Associate Professor or Professor must go through departmental, School and HSC level promotion and tenure review.

    6. Decisions regarding the granting of joint or adjunct appointments, at the Instructor or Assistant Professor will rest with the Dean in consultation with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. 

Approving SPH Non-Principal Faculty and SPH Principal Non-tenure Track Faculty to Provide Instruction within SPH 

All individuals who are not SPH principal faculty members in a tenured or tenure-track appointment (i.e., individuals with adjunct, joint, or principal non-tenure track appointments) must be reviewed and approved to teach within the School.  Specifically, any individual who is not a tenure track principal faculty member within the School must meet the following criteria in order to be an instructor within SPH: 

    1. Hold a faculty appointment with the School

    2. Be reviewed by the relevant department faculty and the Office of Academic Affairs

    3. Be approved by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

As described in more detail below, individuals who are non-tenure track principal faculty [1] must be reviewed for general teaching privileges (i.e., approval to teach courses within the SPH curriculum as deemed appropriate by the relevant department head) should they desire to teach within SPH.  Individuals who are non-principal faculty members [2] must be reviewed for course-specific teaching privileges (i.e., approval to teach a specific course within the SPH curriculum) should they desire to teach within SPH.  SPH principal tenure-track faculty must be included in the review of potential instructors covered by this policy for SPH courses. 


The review and approval of an individual to teach must be initiated and should be completed prior to the School entering into a contract  with the individual.  All requests for teaching privileges for individuals covered under the present policy should be initiated by the relevant department head, reviewed and approved by departmental tenure-track faculty members, and submitted to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for initial review.  Specifically: 

    1. All non-principal faculty members desiring (or recommended) to teach must be reviewed and approved for each course for which they will be responsible.

      • To be considered for course specific teaching privileges, a letter of request from the relevant department head must be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs. 

      • The request should include the individual’s academic vita, a statement of the specific course under consideration, information on substantive expertise (related to the specific course identified) as well as on teaching experience and/or teaching performance, either sample syllabi of similar courses taught by the individual or a brief outline of the content to be covered in the course under consideration, and verification of departmental faculty review of the supporting materials and support of the request.

    2. Non-tenure track principal SPH faculty members may be reviewed and granted general teaching privileges. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will be responsible for submitting the request and the accompanying supporting materials to the SPH Curriculum Committee for review. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will be responsible for submitting the request and the accompanying supporting materials to the SPH Curriculum Committee for review. 

      • Requests for general teaching privileges should include the same information as outlined above for non-SPH faculty (excluding sample syllabi or outline for a specific course).

      • Once general teaching privileges are granted, it is the responsibility of the individual’s home department to assign appropriate classes based on the individual’s qualifications and to monitor the individual’s teaching performance.  

    3. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will review the requisite materials and approve or disapprove the request, and notify the department head and faculty member of the decision.

      • In the event of disagreement between the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, the SPH Curriculum Committee and the relevant department, the relevant department head, the SPH Curriculum Committee chair and the Dean will be notified of the Associate Dean’s decision and accompanying rationale.

      • At the request of the Department Head a meeting may be convened with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, the head of the relevant department, and the Dean to discuss the grounds for the disagreement and to resolve the disagreement. 

Tenure-track Faculty Search Committee

The process of recruiting, reviewing, and recommending potential candidates for principal tenure-track faculty positions within the School is an important responsibility of the principal faculty within SPH.  Overall, faculty recruitment procedures for principal tenure-track faculty will be managed and coordinated by a faculty search committee. Within SPH, faculty search committees are school committees with membership determined by the Dean.  Each search committee for non-administrative faculty appointments will include at least the following:

    1. a minimum of two faculty members from the department requesting the new faculty hire

    2. one faculty member from a second SPH department

    3. one faculty member from outside SPH but with related interests or experiences

    4. one student representative

    5. the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs as a non-voting member 

The chair of the search committee will also be by Dean Appointment.


This faculty search committee will be charged with the following:

    1. Drafting the job description

    2. Identifying sites for advertising the position(s) bearing in mind the importance of reaching a diverse audience

    3. Reviewing applicant’s files

    4. Identifying candidates to be interviewed

    5. Coordinating site visits with the top 3-5 candidates (once approved in writing by the department head, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and the Dean)

    6. Meeting with the top candidates

    7. Prioritizing the candidates to be submitted to the Dean through the department head and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and

    8. Preparing an end-of-the-process report summarizing the committee’s activities