Changes to Classes Policy

All scheduled classes are contracts with the students registered for those classes.  Changes in the contractual arrangement (i.e., changes in the class meeting times, changes in class location, changes in grading criteria, or additions of required textbooks) must be approved prior to any changes being put into effect, with full consideration for the implications for students’ class or work schedules or potential added financial burden.  Any changes related to the scheduled time or location of the course must be approved the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.  In addition, all substantive changes in the syllabi (as outlined above, including changes in time or location) must be approved by the instructor’s department head and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs before the changes are implemented. 



    1. The course instructor submits a request to his/her department head regarding the specific change to be made, including a brief rationale and a copy of the course syllabus distributed to students. 

    2. All requested changes must be reviewed by the Office of Academic Affairs.

    3. Changes in class meeting times or class location must be reviewed and approved by both the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Academic Affairs. 

    4. Once approved by the department head, the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Academic Affairs must be notified of the changes in writing for record-keeping purposes.