Integrated A&M Core


  • Active Learning
  • Case-based
  • Problem-focused
  • Interdisciplinary faculty and student teams

2 weeks August:

Thinking in Populations

  • Two credits
  • Autonomous Vehicles

Fall 1:

Acute Events

  • Three credits
  • Outbreak simulation

Fall 2:

Wicked Problems

  • Three credits
  • Legislative battle over sugar sweetened beverage tax

1 Week January:

Public Health in the Public Sphere

  • One credit
  • Public Hearing
  • Leadership Credo


When the Integrated Core has concluded, you will have a portfolio that consists of:


Data Analysis
Epi Brief
Logic Model
Talking Points
Press Release
System Map
Policy Process Map
Briefing Book
Policy Memo
Written Public Health Testimony
Written Leadership Credo