Why Students choose the School of Public Health

Will Simmons



MPH in Environmental and Occupation Health 


Franklin, Texas



Professional Interests:

Environmental sustainability


Environmental Sustainability Group, International Health


“As a third generation Aggie, I always knew Texas A&M was the place for me. My decision to continue my education at the School of Public Health not only gave me a great education, but also the opportunity to be involved in a variety of projects that I am passionate about.”


For the first few years of life, I grew up in the busy city of Houston and suffered from severe cases of asthma. When I moved to the rural, small town of Franklin, I noticed how my asthma quickly cleared up. This experience sparked my interest in the study of how air quality can have long-term effects on people’s health.

I have was involved in the Environmental Sustainability Group where we promoted sustainable practices at Texas A&M and the surrounding communities. With the encouragement of our advisor, we dived deep into topics related to climate change and environmental issues and I learned much along the way.

I feel my time at the School of Public Health prepared me well for life after graduation. Will currently serves as an environmental health and safety specialist for Amazon in San Marcos, Texas.