Why Students choose the School of Public Health

Joseph Lupski



Bachelor of Science in Public Health


Houston, Texas

Professional Interests:

Pediatric Health


MSC Townhall, Texas A&M Aggie Experience Council


The School of Public Health has a great curriculum that allows students to explore various avenues of public health. Each professor added their unique experiences to the classroom, and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to learn from them.”


Coming from a family deeply involved in the healthcare field, I always had a passion for improving the lives of others. I applied this passion during my internship with Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, TX, where I served as a project intern coordinating tumor sample requests and investigated toxicities associated with cancer therapy in a cohort of leukemia patients.

One of my most memorable and diverse moments of this internship outside of the scientific research was participating in musical therapy. As a volunteer, I helped children compose songs while they were waiting for their appointments. I felt privileged, especially as a student who personally loves to play instruments, to spread the love of music and comfort these patients.

As a counseling services intern for Scotty’s House, I was responsible for watching children before their therapy sessions. This internship also allowed me to observe multidisciplinary team meetings which consisted of law enforcement, counselors, Child Protective Services and Scotty’s House staff. It was wonderful to see so many different organizations come together to protect these children and help them move forward.

I told my parents I wanted to have a college experience where I had a relationship with my professors and learned from their diverse experiences. I have had professors who have served in the Peace Corps, Save the Children, and Texas A&M’s Veterinary Emergency Team. I love the public health curriculum because it provides students with an opportunity to have a positive impact on the physical, mental, and emotional health of people in society.