Why Students choose the School of Public Health

Theodoros Giannouchos



PhD in Health Services Research/Health Economics




Master’s degree in Pharmacy

Master’s degree in Health Economics & Health Management

Professional Interests:

Health economics, health services research, health outcomes, pharmacoeconomics


Population Informatics Lab


“Coming to the School of Public Health was life-changing. You are surrounded by internationally known researchers from all backgrounds who are always available and willing to help. I’ve published some of my work already and essentially this happens because of the supporting environment here.”


Health is a multidisciplinary and complex field, which is why I enjoy studying Health Economics. I decided to pursue a doctorate in the field to conduct high-quality research that will improve the lives of others. 

I had one of my first interviews with the School of Public Health at Texas A&M University. After receiving offers from multiple schools, I accepted A&M’s offer because it felt like the perfect fit for me.

I am currently working on a project with students from the computer science and engineering departments to design software that enables researchers to link data across different health care entities, while ensuring privacy protection. My personal research is focused on emergency department utilization and the effects of insurance enhancing policies, as well as pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research.

In my opinion, health care is so interesting because you have multiple specialties working towards improving people's health. Cost, quality, and access to care, coupled with privacy, diversity, and discrimination continue to be problems in the health care world today. I enjoy working with students and researchers at the School of Public Health to find ways to tackle these problems.