Why Students choose the School of Public Health

Minaal Farrukh



Bachelor of Science in Public Health


Flower Mound, Texas

Professional Interests:

Global Health, humanitarian policy, public policy


Broad Street Society, MSC Freshman Leader International, Innovation X research project, Opioid Task Force Ambassador


“I enjoy the Texas A&M School of Public Health because of the close-knit community it provides to undergraduate students. From Broad Street Honor Society to the resources at the career center, I feel prepared to make a positive impact in the global health arena because of my training at the school.”


When I traveled to Pakistan to visit my family, I witnessed poor sanitation and improper public health practices that contributed to the growing humanitarian crisis of people living in this country. I also noticed the unequal access to healthcare and education that also had a detrimental effect on the health of the community. Seeing how this affected a place close to my family, it encouraged me to get more involved in fighting for positive public health changes around the world.

As a member of the Broad Street Society, I have been able to turn my passion into policy papers that examine these public health issues. In this organization, we are afforded the opportunity to listen to guest lectures from professors of various discipline. In my freshman year, we traveled to Vienna, Austria to learn about the history of public health issues in this city. I also wrote a policy essay about the Syrian refugee crisis which prepared me for my next opportunity.

This spring, I will intern in Washington, D.C. for an international nonprofit organization hoping to focus on issues related to humanitarian policy.  I have been afforded this experience because of the skills I gained as a member of the Broad Street Society.

I really enjoy the School of Public Health because of the close-knit community, especially for undergraduates, which allows students to develop lasting relationships with their peers and faculty. Because of the amazing experiences at Texas A&M University, it has inspired me to chase after a successful career in Public Health.