Why Students choose the School of Public Health

Angela Dillon



Master of Health Administration


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 


Health Information Management

Professional Interests:

Hospital Administration


Vice President of Health Care Finance Association


“From the moment I walked on campus, I could feel the sense of family that supported a work ethic that makes Texas A&M the renowned university that it is.” 


After graduating from Temple University with my undergraduate degree, I viewed college simply as a place where people spend a few years, then leave. However, after beginning my graduate degree at Texas A&M, I have come to feel like I am part of something bigger than myself.

When I began my academic career, I knew I wanted to study health care, but beyond that I had no specific plans. Being a first-generation student, I wasn’t sure about the path, but I knew the destination was helping people. At first, I thought maybe being a microbiologist and working towards cures would be the best route. After some time in the study, I began to see that I was more interested in helping with the management of multiple research studies as opposed to focusing on just one. There are many different populations of people who respond better to more tailored approaches to their health care. At Texas A&M, I have had the opportunity to explore this further. In my job at the A.P. Beutel Health Center on the Texas A&M Campus, I assist in researching how the "Triple Aim" can be applied in higher education settings to ensure all students, especially first-time in college students, have the level of health they need to succeed.

Friends and family have asked me how school is going and I can honestly say that it’s been a great experience. My professors are so helpful and focused on making sure you really understand the information and I feel they have trained us well. It’s hard work but there is so much support you don’t realize how much you’ve learned until you find yourself in a real-life situation, and you get to see first-hand how prepared you are.